Saturday, September 12, 2009

Julie and Julia

I am not a big movie goer - the last movie I saw in a theater before Julie and Julia was Star Wars Episode One - so it was a really big deal to go - wheelchair and all!

The movie is hilarious - I was laughing out loud! I loved both Amy (Julie) and Meryl (Julia) - well done! Stanley Tucci is fabulous! I feel that the energy of the ending does not equal the energy of the rest of the movie - my wish is that should rework they asked me to review it... but the movie is so worth seeing. I wanted to stay and see it all over again.

Some of my interest in the movie is that I can remember we used to sit down as a family and watch the original Julia shows - she was amazing! We loved Julia Child - she was so human, and we just loved her more with the screw ups... she would just say something like, oh, that's all right, no one will notice! She was so cool and such a klutz! She was wonderful!

I guess I should take a page from her newbieness is keeping me from turning in my class project - well, I had it turned in, and when Craig went to test the link, he couldn't find it - the server was down - so my blurb did not get posted. When I went out on the site that had all the blurbs, I was not happy - my project would look so juvenile in comparison. Back to the drawing board. I withdrew my project and have not yet replaced it. I don't want to have something junky or stupid out here on the web, going out under my name. I am working today on making what I have look more presentable as well as adding a beginning hub page, since there are messages within the project that keep referring back to a hub page. I am thinking that I need to change the freebie into something else...

So here's the deal...I am not willing to throw something junky up there just to have accomplished the task...and I am not willing to allow myself to wallow in self doubt so long as to lose the opportunity, so today I am going to dare something worthy and tune up the page I have, decide what to use for a giveaway, and write what I need for the website. I need at least two articles for that, and I have the topics picked out. Time to get started before I talk myself out of it. Will keep you updated.

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