Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day One

Now that the big moment has arrived, what meaningful words do I have to offer up to the English speaking universe? The world is waiting with baited breath for the one thing that has been missing up til now.....I'm thinking...I'm thinking....Still thinking....What comes to mind are two things, no three things...The first is something I was told that is probably copyrighted somewhere...Angels can fly becasue they take themselves lightly...Whew! the burden has been lifted, and I can get a grip on reality now.

The second thing is that there are a group of people working on something called the Gutenberg Project. In an effort to preserve books into the future, they put books that are in the public domain (not copyrighted) onto the web where anyone can go and download them to read or publish. Books like the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the Jane Austin books, Dickens and other classics are being put online. All kinds of books can be found there. Not only that, but everyday people like you and me can help by becoming volunteer proofreaders. Isn't that cool! The Gutenberg project can be found at

And the third thing is that there are two guys who have found a lovely way to finance a trip to a conference by offering words for sale. They have put up a website where inspiring words will be displayed - the words are also links to websites or blogs - they can be purchased for advertising or just as a gift. They are words like gratitude and forgiveness, joy and laughter, peace and possible - lovely words (which, in fact, as of this writing is available - lovely that is). It made me feel good just to read them. I started writing down the words I would consider purchasing, and there are 66 on my list of possibles. What shall I choose? You will have to go there are sample a few to find out. They are at


  1. I love your blog so far. Keep it up. And thank you for your "Miracle"!

    And for mentioning our site here!


  2. Very Nice're 3 for 3 in my book.
    I have always loved that angel saying. :)
    I had heard about the gutenberg project, but I got distracted...want to do that.
    And I am a loyal fan of "LawofAttractionWords", I have imagine. :)