Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Beginning

There is a book called Each Day a New Beginning. It is a book of daily readings that I haven't read in years - yet the title stays with me whenever I have a positive outlook. I get to experience each day, and I can sometimes choose how I experience it. I am told that I can do that every day, and every hour and minute of every day. I don't know if that is true or not. At the moment I am having a good day, but I recognize that it would probably be a lot different if I were to do certain activities. And I woke up feeling good, rather than feeling depressed. What I guess I am saying is that sometimes I am living in a different world. Sometimes I am living in the world of suffering, and while in that world I don't experience a positive outlook - in fact, a positive outlook sounds really stupid.

I need to come up with a way to clue myself into the knowledge that I am in the suffering world when I am in it, and that there is another world available to be that will give me a different experience of the same situation. When I'm not in it, I know the suffering world is not real, but when I am in it, I don't have that idea - when I am in it, it is the only real thing, and anything else is just nuts. There must be something I can do to create the idea that I can shift out of this mode, but I don't know what all that is.

I bought some press-on dots to leave around to remind me, but I haven't used them. When I am not suffering I don't need that dots and don't think of them. I guess I had better do that.

I found an exciting group that I am going to try to online group who are cross stitching the Lavender and Lace Celtic Ladies. I started them a few years ago, and just got them back out a couple of weeks ago when my son was talking to me about doing a birth sampler for his soon to arrive daughter - well, she arrived on Christmas Eve evening, and I keep thinking and thinking about what to do. I can't find my cross stitch software - my son wants a fairy, but will settle for an angel if I insist. I have a Lavender and Lace fairy, but she is huge. I thought maybe I could scale her down to a do-able size if I had the software. I went on line to look and now don't know what to get - I don't know if I should get the pro or the regular and which of the two programs I see out them to try...and of course I am in the middle of learning two different kinds of website construction, which I also love. It is pouring opportunities right and left!

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